React Native On-Site Training

Rocket to productivity learning the newest cross-platform mobile framework, taught by someone who’s in the trenches every day

You know the story:

Your team has been tasked with delivering a new mobile app to propel your organization forward, told it has to be on every device, and been given an impossible timeline to do it. How are you going to pull out the impossible again? You’ve got an ally in your corner this time: true native-level cross-platform development with React Native, and an expert instructor who is going to come in and shortcut your team's learning curve by weeks through an intensive, in-person training to make you look like a superhero.

Time to Productivity

  • Self-taught 3 Weeks

  • With online course 2 weeks

  • On-site training 2 days

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React Native is new yet proven, powering several of Facebook’s own apps, and many more apps written by other companies. It can be used to power an entire application, just the view layer, or even just components of the app. While approachable, React Native’s paradigm often requires a paradigm shift for existing developers, and this training is intended to get you going from 0 to productive as fast as possible.

Joshua Lyman

React Native Expert and Instructor

About the Instructor

Joshua Lyman has spent years deep in technology, doing work at every level of the stack and helping businesses tackel and succeed in new challenges. He has been working in mobile for over three years, and with React Native specifically since the earliest publically released versions. He is actively involved in the community, contributing to the discussions forming the next gen features of React Native, contributing open source examples and sample apps, and helping out those learning the framework whenever possible. He is also the author of Packt Publishing’s React Native Blueprints video course, and frequents community Q&A sites like #reactiflux and Stack Overflow. He has developed and published multiple React Native apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

What to Expect

Any successful training begins with successful preparation, and to that point every training comes with a free advance consultation with developer or project leads to assess skill levels and learning needs. Trainings typically last one to two days, and are configurable as full or half day events. Typical learning outcomes focus on successful real-world implementations of core React Native concepts, the construction of sample apps to use as future references, and developer machines fully set up to enable further React Native development.

Often, the fastest way to accelerate your team is by working on learning exercises and writing code that is actually relevant to the final product you are to be delivering. By leveraging Joshua’s years of consulting expertise, a course can be customized and applied to your organization’s specific deliverability requirements, meaning that code written as part of the training course can actually be used in the product, saving you even more time and making all developers happy to be writing productive code.

Sample Training Outline

Day #1
  • What is React Native and how will it help me?
  • Dev Machine Environment Setup (customizable to be Windows or macOS-focused)
  • JavaScript ES6 Refresher
  • React Refresher or Introduction
  • Section One
    • Creating UI components
    • Cross-platform component principles
    • Basic navigation principles
Day #2
  • Section Two
    • Retrieving data from external sources
    • Exploring the third-party ecosystem
    • Debugging applications
  • Section Three
    • Complex navigation structures
    • Using Flux-like architecture to control app state
    • Advanced API communication
    • Local data storage and retrieval
  • Section Four
    • On-device testing and development
    • Preparing apps for sales and distribution
    • Production enhancements

Book a Training

All training sessions are customized per organization and situation, and are done in-person and on-location at your company. Contact Joshua below to schedule his remaining availability and to craft a training program ideal for your team.


React Native Trainings available in the Houston, TX or Denver, CO areas, or at other locations as pre-arranged.


Do I need prior mobile experience?

We will build upon any expertise you already have. If you or your team hasn't worked in a mobile dev environment before then we'll adjust and add to a training package to give you a crash course in mobile UX, principles, and special considerations when working on mobile devices.

How much JavaScript and React expertise do I need?

It's most effective if your team already has a working knowledge of JavaScript, and at least a basic understanding of the React library. However, we teach to whatever the current level is, and will adjust as appropriate. Most trainings will involve a refresher on JS and intro to ES6-specific concepts, and a review of React.

How are trainings priced?

Trainings are priced on a per-seat basis and are competitive with other technical training programs, especially considering the depth and experience the instructor brings to the sessions. Discounts available for large team trainings. Contact us and we will work out the best scenario for your group.

What if I need some urgent React Native or mobile work done?

Get in touch with us still! When not teaching and educating, we are also keeping up our in-depth chops by doing consulting work. With clients ranging from oil and gas producers to medical universities we have the breadth to serve your needs.