Spark Genius is an independent web design and development studio located in Provo, Utah. We specialize in creating and redesigning small- and medium-sized business or organization sites.

We handle the whole process for you, from helping you transform your creative genius into firm plans, to executing the implementation of a beautiful and effective web site. Ready to spark something new? Start with Spark Genius.

Beautiful and Effective Site Design

Your site will be aesthetically pleasing and business effective. The code behind your site will also be well-written, because even a Ferrari won’t go anywhere with a powerful engine.

Culture Naturalization Consulting

More easily and effectively penetrate American markets through translation enhancement and web site review. This valuable service may be just what your company needs to go global.

Mobile Development and Site Conversion

There will be more mobile Internet users than desktop users by 2014—are you ready? We can convert your existing site to a mobile format, or work with you to create your own app.